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The Back to School Experience

Alyx Fenton

Each year, students of schools and educational institutions across America have unique experiences for going back to school. Much like a superhero poised to meet the day with his or her unique set of skills and resources, students at Osage High School have geared up with their own methods and suggestions for conquering their next year in the world of education. 

Matthew Tanev gave this year’s back-to-school experience a solid 4 out of 5 stars and said that the best back-to-school experience is all about “good energy in the school.” Imagine you walk into school on the first day, and everyone’s excited, smiling, and ready to learn. That’s the kind of “good energy” Tanev is talking about. Everyone is having a blast and that positive vibe is contagious. So, one big way to make going back to school awesome is to create a friendly and exciting atmosphere where everyone feels happy to be there.

While Tanev has enjoyed most back to school experiences, his favorite back-to-school memory fell on the first day of fifth grade. Tanev recalled a solar eclipse happening on the first day of school, something completely unlike the start of any other school year. It’s like Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Welcome back to learning! Now let me show you something really cool!” Moments like these stand out in our back-to-school memories because they make learning fun and memorable. They give you stories to tell and make you curious about what else you can discover.

Other Osage High School students cited similar experiences about starting a new year. One aspect that was repeated by several students was the idea of being part of a cool school community and feeling like you belong. It’s like being in a big, friendly club where everyone knows your name. When you feel welcomed and included, it’s easier to enjoy school. So, Osage High School, makingsure everyone feels like they’re part of the gang is a win!

Another thing mentioned was the need for excitement. Going back to school can sometimes feel a bit “meh,” but what if schoolstarted with a bang? Think about cool activities or projects that get you pumped up. These make learning way more interesting and help students stay motivated.

We also can’t ignore the fact that going back to school can sometimes be a bit stressful. Tests, assignments, and social stuff – it can all pile up. That’s why it’s crucial to think about mental health and well-being. Making sure there are resources and support available for students to handle stress and anxiety can be a game changer. And last but not least, feedback is like a superpower. Gathering feedback from students and teachers regularly helps schools know what is working and what needs fixing. It’s like having a map to make your school experience better.

Osage High School has a fantastic opportunity to make going back to school a fantastic experience for everyone. By creating a welcoming, exciting, and supportive environment, you can turn the back-to-school routine into a year filled with positive vibes, memorable moments, and plenty of smiles. Let’s make high school cool.

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