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Percy Jackson: Personal Ranking

Percy Jackson has been a very famous book series throughout the 2000s, with two movie adaptations and, recently, a new TV show. I wanted to personally rank them and talk about them individually.


My number one choice is the books, obviously. I am going based off the first two in the series, as that is all we have gotten for screen adaptations. The books were crafted perfectly, with the main target market being towards children, but any age can enjoy the Percy Jackson series. There are times where the screen adaption is better, but this is not one of those times. I think an animated show would have been the best option for these books, as there are many topics in them, and it would not cost as much for all the special effects needed for the fights. I enjoy every adaptation of Percy Jackson, but this one takes the cake.


The TV show has a lot of flaws. The timing and pacing is a main problem for me. Sometimes the pacing is fast, but then really slow. It feels as if they make all of the lesser important scenes slow, but then speed up all of the fight scenes. It might be because of all the special effects needed to do the fights, but still. If you want to make a Percy Jackson adaptation, you need to realize a big part of the audience wants to watch it just because of the fight scenes. Another big complaint from people is that they did not really follow the appearances of the character. While this is not a huge deal breaker for me, it is for others. I want to say, though, some of the changes they have made are quite annoying. It seems like they have cut out many scenes, and it may be because of the length of the episodes, but I do not think people would mind the episodes being longer. I put the TV show second because while it still has many flaws, it is still entertaining and is more accurate than the movies.


The Percy Jackson movies were a mess, to say the least. It feels like they created a whole new story, and just slapped the same names to the characters. They basically tried to shove the entire story into two movies. The only good thing they nailed was who they cast for Percy: Logan Lerman. It really was a “right person, wrong time” situation. He was a perfect Percy, down to the looks and the mannerisms. I think the movies are good without associating them with the books, but they did a bad job when you look at the source material. That is why the movies made it last on my list.

So, that is my full ranking on the Percy Jackson universe. Just remember this is my personal opinion. I am open to any other opinions, as we all share different views. This is just how I would rank them.

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