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What cause plane crashes

Dakota Rodden, Staff Reporter April 30, 2024

Plane crashes are things that happen not very often, but they can happen and there are many different things to cause them. Pilot error is the number cause of plane crashes. To pilot a plane takes a lot...

Shark attacks of 2023

Shark attacks of 2023

Dakota Rodden, Staff Reporter March 27, 2024

Even though the movie Jaws has given sharks a reputation. Sharks have more to fear in people than people do of them. Only 91 people were bitten and only 10 out of those 91 people were fatal. 22 of those...

Life of a Third Grader

Skyler Luttrell, Staff Reporter March 27, 2024

This week I asked my third graders, "What is your favorite movie?" Owen: The bad guys because I think it catches your attention very well. Liam:  Illumination Migration because it's hilarious. Patty: The...

Books of the Week

Kennedy Joiner, Staff Reporter March 27, 2024

This week I’ve read a total of 2 books, one being Brazen Affairs by Ashley James, and Words of the Bathroom Wall. They were good in their own way. Both were romances but completely different in all other...

Eubalaena glacialis

Eubalaena glacialis, Eubalaena japonica

Hunter Lines, Staff reporter March 27, 2024

The North Atlantic right whale and the southern right whale can be found where their name suggests. The North Pacific or the Southern Hemisphere. Right whales got their names from whaling; they were named...

Panda relaxing

Ailuropda melanoleuca

Hunter Lines, Staff Reporter February 21, 2024

  The Ailuropda melanoleuca is commonly known as the giant panda or panda bear. The panda bear is a species endemic to China. Its bold black-and-white coat can characterize it. It is distinguished...

How to Land a Job on Broadway

How to Land a Job on Broadway

Dakota Rodden, Staff Reporter February 21, 2024

Broadway actors seem like they have it easy because they get to work on the big stage and act in front of a live audience. But that is not all it takes to be on the big stage. You have to have a union...

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Winners of the Week

Marlee Diver, staff writer February 21, 2024

For winners of the week, I'm going to select two more cheer teams. These teams are from great programs, and they have many titles. These are both dream teams of mine. The first team is Cheer Extreme Raleigh...

Just Thinking With Jai

Jaionna Sands, News Journalist February 21, 2024

  Personally, I like to shop at Lucca because it has trendy and high quality products. This store has anything from accessories to outerwear. Lucca has many different styles for young women from chic,...

Jason Belmonte’s Story

Matthew Tanev, Staff Reporter February 21, 2024

Bowling is an underrated sport, and some people sometimes even argue if it is a sport. In my opinion, it very much is a sport. The PBA(Pro Bowlers Association) is a great organization. With some of the...

Jay-Z Uses Acceptance Speech To Call Out Recording Academy.

Jay-Z Uses Acceptance Speech To Call Out Recording Academy.

Deacon Lipsmeyer, Staff Reporter February 9, 2024

Earlier this week the Recording Academy hosted their 66th Annual Grammy Awards show. Among all the other awards given out that night was one called the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award, which was given out...

The Life of a Third Grader

The Life of a Third Grader

Skyler Luttrell, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

I asked some third graders this week, "What is your favorite candy?" Lillian: Twix because I like the caramel in them. Michael: Mr. Beast Chocolate because he is my favorite YouTuber. Brady:...

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