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Aubrie Gonnella

Maddy Meyer, Staff Reporter May 6, 2024

If Aubrie had the chance to pick any super power she could said she would chose to “time travel”. She chooses this so she can “see her futurel kids and back in time to see my past loved ones and...

Megan Smithson

Maddy Meyer, Staff Reporter May 3, 2024

Megan Smithson loves the idea of being able to fly, and wishes that one day she is able to do so. If Megan became deserted on an island there are five things she would not forget to bring with her and...

Mico Roth

Maddy Meyer May 3, 2024

Mico Roth enjoys coming to school the most because he gets to eat really good school lunches like “pizza” and chicken sandwiches. Mico’s favorite thing to do senior year is hangout with his friends...

Audrey Utterback

Maddy Meyer May 3, 2024

Mrs. Newell is very good at helping her students not be as stressed. Audrey Utterback says, “Mrs. Newell gave me the best advice.” Audrey has learned from her teachers to keep pushing forward everyday...

Demetrius Felts

Maddy Meyer May 3, 2024

Demetrius Felts is most grateful for being able to come to school everyday and seeing his friends. School has “really helped me a lot,” says Demetrius. The thing Demetrius doesn’t enjoy about senior...

Skyler Hutzler

Maddy Meyer May 3, 2024

Skyler Hutzler looks up to his dad in many aspects of his life. He chooses his dad because he has shown Skyler “the Outdoors, and I’ve always loved to do the things he loved to do.” Skyler tells...

Taylor Johnson

Maddy Meyer May 3, 2024

Taylor Johnson does not fear the end of high school or tripping on stage during her graduation walk. Rather, she says her greatest fear is “losing somebody that I love.” While she has experienced loss,...

Cory Williams

Maddy Meyer May 3, 2024

Cory Williams has been a member of the Osage Family since preschool. He likes school and says his favorite subject is reading. After high school, Cory has aspirations of continuing to learn, just like...


Top Five Drake Songs

Maddy Meyer, Staff Writer February 21, 2024

Have you ever listened to Drake? He is a very well-known artist for rap and hip-hop. Here are his top five most popular songs as of today: One Dance God's Plan Passionfruit In My Feelings ...

What Im Watching This Week

What I’m Watching This Week

Maddy Meyer, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

This weeks show is All American. This is a TV series that include five seasons. Each episode is about 40 minutes long. This show was created back in 2022 and does have a little bit of foul language and...

Yay Or Nay? Would you wear these?
Mr. Claxton does!

Shoe Game

Maddy Meyer January 29, 2024

What kind of shoes do you wear? Do you have shoe game? Many students from Osage High School have shoe game. Pictured from left to right: Top left: Mac C, Jada S, Taylor C. Spotlight: Gavin B. Right middle...

What I Am Watching This Week

What I Am Watching This Week

Maddy Meyer, Staff Writer January 25, 2024

This week I have chosen the movie Soul Surfer. This is an older movie that was made in 2011 and is an hour and forty-six minutes long. The movie is about a teen surfer named Bethany Hamilton who experienced...

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